We dogs, so much so that our brand name KIVULI is named after Chief Product Tester, Shadow, who is our much loved Springer Spaniel Poodle cross.

We are a British based family business, and our mission is to bring quality and stylish pet products, all the way from Africa to your home. With unique designs, our products are made from premium leathers, we produce beaded and un-beaded products, we also use recycled brass; we want your dog to feel as good as these products look!

Plastic bags are banned in Kenya so all our products arrive in the UK plastic free.

Producing our products has been a very exciting journey starting with a love for dogs, an eye for detail, and a passion for Africa. We want to ensure that our company not only provides great products for our customers but also gives back to the country of their origin.

A KIVULI dog lead takes one person one day just to bead!

As well as being a corporate member of the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA), KIVULI also provides training and work to the team of Kenyans that we work with.

If KIVULI grows, Isabell and the team in Mihango will grow too.


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KIVULI Founder

"I have a passion for animals, people and the environment,

so I am very proud of KIVULI"

Shadow (KIVULI)

Chief Product Tester

She loves long walks and testing new products! When she is not busy outside she loves cuddling.


Isabell runs a tight and happy ship!

Phillip, George, Jennifer, Mercy, Veronica and John, are all experts in either, hardware, leatherwork, beading, debossing and in making each other laugh!

"The dog collars and the leads are made of high quality African pullup leather. Locally sourced and made to our specification. Pullup leather is one of the most sort after because of its natural feel, grains and marks that are notable on its surface depicting its quality nature. With the beautiful mocca (dark brown) shade that is mildly glossy making it easy to clean and water proof. The beaded harnesses are made of cow bag moderate printed leather which is soft, beautiful and dark brown in colour.

All leather used is high quality and has a long life guaranteed!"

Isabell who heads up the team in Minhango, Kenya.

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